Skip navigation a service of the u. c20 viagra S. National library of medicine national institutes of health home about medlineplus site map faqs contact us search medlineplus health topics drugs & supplements videos & cool tools espaã‘ol thromboangiitis obliterans to use the sharing features on this page, please enable javascript. Thromboangiitis obliterans is a rare disease in which blood vessels of the hands and feet become blocked. Causes thromboangiitis obliterans (buerger's disease) is caused by vasculitis (inflammation of the blood vessels). The blood vessels of the hands and feet are especially affected. how long do i have to wait after taking viagra They tighten or become totally blocked. how much does viagra 100mg cost The average age when symptoms begin is around 35 years. discount viagra generic best price Woman and older adults are affected less often. buy viagra vipps Thromboangiitis obliterans mostly affects men ages 20 to 40 who have a history of heavy smoking or chewing tobacco. Use viagra recreational use Only 1 out of 10 patients are women. buying viagra in usa The condition may also be related to a history of raynaud's disease. buy viagra online legally This disorder is very uncommon in children, but it may occur in children with autoimmune diseases. Symptoms hands or feet may be pale, red, or bluish hands or feet may feel cold pain in the hands and feet acute, severe burning or tingling often occurring at rest pain in the legs, ankles, or feet when walking (intermittent claudication) often located in the arch of the foot skin changes or ulcers on hands or feet note: symptoms may worsen with exposure to cold or with emotional stress. cheap generic viagra Usually, two or more limbs are affected. cheap generic viagra Exams and tests the hands or feet may have large, red, tender blood vessels. The pulse in the affected hands or feet may be low or missing. buy viagra The following tests may show blockage of blood vessels in the affected hands or feet: angiography/arteriography of the extremity doppler ultrasound of the extremity blood tests for other causes of vasculitis and inflammation may be done. Rarely, in cases where the diagnosis is unclear, a biopsy of the blood vessel is done. viagra buy spain Treatment there is no cure for thromboangiitis obliterans. viagra buy spain The goal of treatment is to control symptoms. The patient must stop using tobacco and should avoid cold temperatures and other conditions that reduce circulation to the hands and feet. buy generic viagra on line Applying warmth and exercising gently may help increase circulation. Cutting the nerves to the area (surgical sympathectomy) may help control pain. viagra buy spain Aspirin and vasodilators may also used. Viagra effects pregnancy It may be necessary to amputate the hand or foot if infection or widespread tissue death occurs. Outlook (prognosis) symptoms of thromboangiitis obliterans may disappear if the person stops tobacco use. viagra for sale For some, amputation is unavoidable. Possible complications amputation gangrene (tissue death) loss of circulation beyond the affected hand or foot when to contact a medical professional call your health care provider if: you have symptoms of thromboangiitis oblitera. Viagra pills amazon viagra online


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